Revoked Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) Cards

PA 98-063 430 ILCS 65/9.5

Effective July 9, 2013, PA 98-063 became law requiring individuals whose FOID card is revoked to:

  1. Surrender his or her FOID card to the local law enforcement agency where the person resides.

  2. Complete a Firearm Disposition Record disclosing the make, model, and serial number of each firearm owned by or under the control or custody of the revoked card holder and its disposition during the prohibited term.

In addition, if you are the sponsor of a minor(s) who has a FOID, the minor(s) FOID card has also been revoked and must be immediately surrendered. You are required to comply with these requirements within 48 hours of receiving notice from the Illinois State Police. Failure to comply with this statute constitutes a Class A misdemeanor.

If your FOID card has been confiscated by a law enforcement agency or during a court proceeding, please provide any and all documentation to your local law enforcement entity. If your FOID card has been lost, you must report this in writing via a notarized affidavit. This affidavit must be submitted to your local police agency in lieu of your FOID card.

If you believe the revocation was a mistake or you wish to appeal the decision to the Director of the Illinois State Police, please refer to the instruction sheet for the procedures required to request a review of your file.

If you have additional questions concerning the revocation of your FOID card, you may call 217-782-7980 to speak to a customer service agent.