Firearms Services Bureau


The Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) Card identifies a person as eligible to possess/acquire firearms and firearm ammunition as part of a public safety initiative in the State of Illinois.

Licensed Firearms Dealers

Authorized Dealers only!
If you are a federally licensed dealer for the state of Illinois, click the Login button below to access the Dealer’s portal.

Concealed Carry License (CCL)

To carry a concealed firearm in the State of Illinois, state law requires an Illinois Concealed Carry License.

Concealed Carry License Instructor Certification

You must be certified by the Illinois State Police to conduct Illinois concealed carry firearms training. To apply or check on your status, click Enter below:

Law Enforcement Portal Access

Law enforcement personnel only!
Access to this portal is governed by agreement with the Illinois State Police. The Law Enforcement Portal contains the Concealed Carry Law Enforcement Objection portal as well as FOID revocation history. Please contact your law enforcement agency's chief executive for access.